Life Lessons: Life is not always fair – but we survive

We all want our lives to be perfect.

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But the difficult parts of life help us grow and learn.


There were four times in my life that did not seem fair to me – two times they changed the rules without my input.


Two times were from a spouse, and two times from a family member.


There are others so don’t for a moment that  this is a complete list.


I was 19 1/2 years old and a new father.


Within 2 1/2 years the relationship ended when my daughter’s mother decided that she wanted a different relationship with no input from me.


The rules had changed without my input.


I noticed a change in her behavior and events which led to discover that she and a work associate had been seeing each other for some time. Yes, they were having sex.


We discussed the possibilities of returning to a single partner relationship, but she would have none of that.


My interest was in a single partner relationship from the beginning and therefore ended that relationship.


This divorcing thing happened in the seventy’s, so I assumed that she would have physical custody of our daughter. Within several weeks she asked me to take physical custody. I did and hired a family know attorney to begin the process of filing for physical custody for myself.


I asked my parents to watch their granddaughter during my work hours; they agreed.


During the custody process I met and was dating a gal. Both of us were heading for a serious relationship, and she expressed an interest in taking part in raising a three-year-old girl and my daughter.


Although we had been dating for 6 plus months and the attorney knew of our serious to have custody of my daughter, he suggests that being married would be more favorable by child custody service and the court. After some discussion we get married.


Child Custody Services was the Social Services department responsible to review all options and make recommendations to the court as to the best place for a child to grow up, This involved interviewing both parents, and anyone associated with the parents. Those interviewed included My girlfriend and who became my wife, my parents, the Mother and friends.  I soon saw the report and learned that the report suggested that my daughter’s best environment was in our home.


Within a short time, it seems like forever back then; they awarded us custody of a then three-year-old young girl, my daughter.



My Parents were in the final court hearing

They called my Mom and Dad into the final hearing by the other attorney and asked their opinions. It was shocking to hear my parents say that they favored a young child growing up with the mother. When asked why they could only say that it was their opinion, they have no logical or disfavor able reason I should not have physical custody.


It shocked me. I never discussed this with my parents after that time.


I did not dis my parents, or disallow them the opportunity to see their granddaughter over the years.


I just took it as one of those times in life that does not seem fair and move on.



The marriage lasted 14 plus years ended


This relationship started off great, but ended because of two rule changes I did not agree to from the start and both were the driving force that caused me to end this relationship in a Divorce.


Religion during my childhood was not discussed, encouraged, or discouraged. It would be something as an adult we could each decide. It was my decision that religion was to have no place in my life. My Mom’s parents and my Dad’s Mom were all religious. They would talk about it but I was and have never been interested in religion. And to this day I have no use or need for religion.


Maybe 7 years into this marriage, not sure of the exact time, I discover that my wife, her brother, and her mother were former religious people who decide to re-take up their religious practice.  Just like that, no religion one day, then next religious people.


Short story was they began to go to church, without me and that was fine. But then encouraged me to go. I did, and that was a mistake.  I did not like it and was not happy at all.


The second part of the horrify story was that over time both her mom and step date and brother, wife, and three children were living in my home.  In the beginning it was short term, but then it was longer, and longer.


The rules had changed without my input.


I recall to this day the exact event that ended this relationship.  I was 37 and had gone for a swim, dried off and took a walk around the neighborhood.   While walking I realized that “past history is indicated future history” and the very thought I will likely live another 60 years, this marriage will not change and not work for me.


I contacted the family attorney and started the divorce process.


Life of a daughter from 18 to 28 years and the Dear Dad letter


By then the daughter had graduated and decide what she wanted to do with her life.


During the divorce process I asked the daughter if she wants to spend time with her step-mother or with me, she decided that it would be me.


I never asked my daughter if she spent time with her mother or step-mother, she was by then 18. She had made a comment that they were both takers and wanted to spend much time with them.


My daughter had meet someone who she described as the one. And I was dating again too. She got married and picked a date in Aug 1990. I had been dating someone who had her own horror stories. We were a better match on values that each of us had been in the past.


I purposed that we get married at the same time and ceremony. I thought that would great father and daughter getting married the same day.


My daughter’s marriage I think lasted less than 6 months as she was much like her mother and was not happy with just one partner. She had decided that she wanted to become a model and had made some contacts that resulted moving to Miami and then to Milan Italy.


She arrived home with a 35-year-old married man and stayed a week 10 days. And was off to Milan again. She would call and update me on her adventure from time to time.


Part of the conversation was Dad would you file papers for my divorce, being a nice Dad I did.


She made progress in Milan and soon moved back to Miami. She was not in Miami for very long and she was married again, now the second marriage.  We visited Miami on multiply occasions and her and the new husband seemed in love. But this marriage only lasted over three years and ended in divorce. This time Dad would not handle it she was on her own.


We were in contact with her on a regular and knew she had been making many trips to New York to further her modeling career. Turns out she had met someone new months before she shared the news about the divorce .


Some time had passed and then the announcement of another marriage, this one being the third.


I forget how long this one lasted until she meet another man which ended the third marriage. She and the new man were still married to their respective spouses when they started dating.  She communicated that they believed they were meant for each other. Both soon filed for divorce. This young person of 28 years sure looked like a “love them and leave them”  kind of girl.


My wife and I met the fourth fiance only once.  The conversation when something like “This was it, he was the one.”  She had decided that she wanted to have children before she was 30, so the clock was ticking.


I was not long before I received a letter email to me that the subject line said Dear Dad.


The letter suggests that I was the worst Dad, and she, her husband, and future children did not want to have any further contact with me.


It was a horrible time for me for many months. I had a different view and how much effort and energy I had put into raising her and supporting her dream of pursuing her career.

One year later I wrote a response letter and said that I would honor her wishes.  It has been 19 years since I received that shocking letter.  I have learned the over the years she has three children and remains married to this date. I’m glad that she is still married and seems happy with her life.

There was no invitation to the marriage. I have had no contact with her, her husband, or any of the three children she has today.

I felt that it is in my best interest to not interfere or pursue contact with her or her children. I have no desire to re-establish contact with her.


If any of her children come of age and reach out, I will share with them any information about their mother they wish to know.


Next year it will be twenty years ago that I received the letter, I was 48 then, and oddly enough she will be 48 next year too.




And We survive


My wife and I will have been  29 later this year. We are hoping for another 30 or more years into the future.


I love and trust my wife. I know she loves and trusts me.


We both are operating with the same rule book. And the rules have not changed in 29 years.



In conclusion


If you are patience life can be fair, we just have to wait for it. I did.


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