Fur Kids: Clyde – He is growing up and slowly growing out of puppy hood


Photo by Eugene Zaycev on Unsplash


But there are those times I think not fast enough.


There are still those moments when he acts like a puppy, few but some.


Clyde differs from our other fir kids, he’s a foster fur kid.  That means he is on loan for a short period. We are fostering Clyde, while his human parents are in the mist of getting their lives together.


All the other fir kids before him were adopted rescues, that meant we were the permeant human parent of those fur kids.


He arrived after a friend asked my wife if we could foster a 75 pounds Doberman.  She knew that we had a history of Doberman rescued fir kids.


There is the time in the evening when he acts like what we call a shark boy, he’s tired and want to go to bed, lies on the floor and acts like a shark with his mouth opening and closing chasing Misty our Doberman female.


Clyde arrived at our front door April 16, 2019, he was born June 24, 2018, so 10 months old. Today he is 15 months and a different loving life dog. He has learned so much, less jumping up, obeying commands.


Today he is 95 pounds of a loving life and people dog. I know his weight because the only way to get his weight was to hold him and weight both him and I, then subtract my weight. There is no other way to get him on a scale, except at the vet’s office.


His reality is not my reality. When it is time to play ball, he brings it to my no matter what I’m in the mist of doing. Placing the ball on me while I’m typing,  or whatever else I’m doing. The ball most likely has dirt crumbs. He continues to rub the ball on me and the dirt crumbs transfer to my clothing. That only stops when I agree to throw the ball. Rinse and repeat several too many times.


He is a 7×24 responsibility. We get 90 minutes of quiet time after the first 2-3 hours, rest and reload. I have had to make adjustments to my retired schedule to accommodate his activities schedule.


Most of our other adopted rescues dogs were Dobermans and older, most of their backgrounds were unknown to us. We just loved them and they were excited to allow us to be their caretaker for the duration they had left on this earth. This is the first one that we have had firsthand knowledge of his background.


We think his best time is when he’s worn out. It does not happen enough times in the day.


Clyde arrived on Tuesday, after hearing on Monday that he was arriving tomorrow.


On Monday we also said goodbye to Patty Mae, our garage cat of 9 years.


We usually get Sunday visits from the human parents, they seem like they are getting their lives together. During the visits Clyde seems excited and obeys command from them.


There are those times when we wonder what Clyde’s perception is of him staying with us and having those other people come weekly for a 30-45 minute visit.


The newest update from the couple is three to five weeks and they will be ready for him to return to their new home. Today they are living in two separate locations. And that is another longer story.

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