Book Shelf

Book Shelf Roger Skibowski


I have three sections for my book shelf lists. 


Books I have Read

This section of the bookshelf includes books that are the old analog touchy and feel version, some are digital, but most are actually live books that I can mark up, take notes in and  keep or will become a book to be freed and enjoyed by another person. 


Books To Be Read


A book to be read could quickly end up on the books to be set free if I don’t find it interesting. Books get on the to be read list from reading books, articles, or from other people's suggestions.



Books To Be Set Free


Books on the to be set free list will be mailed free of charge to those on my email list. Books arrive on this list because I have read the book and want to pass it on. Or I started to read and do not want to read but there may be others who could enjoy the book. I will be reviewing the backlog of books I currently own and deciding if there are books that need to be set free. I encourage others to set free books that may be collecting dust and would be better served in someone else's library. I will be freeing books as they are available to the first person who responds to my Sunday emails. To be fair I will be varying the time that I send out the Sunday email list time.

I have three groups of Book Lists.

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