About Roger Skibowski


Roger Skibowski has over 37 years in the field of Information Technology. His roles were both hands-on and in management, mostly in management positions over the years. He is passionate about technology, people, science, philosophy, human behavior, and learning. He believes that good works, actions, or deeds pay good dividends. In 2019 he decided to embark on my career as a writer. Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and join my email list for Sunday updates. 


 I Write for Three Reasons


  1. For me, because I can, because I want to, and because it makes me happy.
  2. When reading other writers I am encouraged to share my stories, thoughts, and life experiences. I hope to find readers who enjoy reading my writings that resonate with them and help them on their life’s journey.
  3. Video sources include series like WestWorld, Devs and other futuristic ideas and documentaries.
  4. Music also inspires me, I have a long history of listing to lot of rock, I now wear hearing aids. I enjoy many different genres.  Today I'm most interested in instrumental, to which there is a large list of undiscovered music for me to find and listen to.
  5. Encourage others to write. I hope that someone will read my articles and realize they too can create art through writing that will help others along their life journey.


The Source for My Musings Originate from These Areas


  1. Anything shared with me via email, texting, talking, or that I read could end up one of my stories.
  2. Listening to the lyrics of songs can excite me to write about what the song is trying to convey to the listener.
  3. Reading books, articles from other writers, and publications are a source of inspiration to write.
  4. Observing day-to-day life and people provide input resources and material ideas to my writings.
  5. My past life experiences combined with new learning and day to day life propel me to write and consider a bright future.


Where can you find Roger’s writings and thoughts


  1. Today besides publishing some articles on my website, I published articles on Medium.com and many of the publications on Medium
  2. I am beginning to be active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Unsplash, and Reddit beginning with mostly reading. Later I will participate as I learn how best to use these platforms. 


I would be honored if you sign up for my email list


I will be sending out my Sunday evening updates for articles that I publish, books I'm currently reading, and interesting articles and books from other writers. I will update you on other exciting opportunities as they become available. I hope you will enjoy my Sunday emails.