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Recent Articles

sunday 08-02

What If Our Political Swing Did Not Swing From Side to Side

But stayed closer to the middle?


Now is the Time to Build Your Writer’s Platform

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash   This is the process you will need to get your writer’s platform up and running.   Every independent writer needs to have their own writer’s platform.  Your platform is your brand – something that separates you from all the other writers’ noise and allows readers to find your signal. Your brand can…


As a Writers I Consider OneNote My Most Important Tool, and You Should Too.

With the OneNote application I can “Collect Once Read Many Times on Many Devices,”   The collection opportunities comprise typing, talk to text, scan, grab a screenshot, take a photo, draw, or grab sound, there might be other things I’m forgetting. This article is not a how to but a why I use OneNote and…


Fur Kids: Clyde – He is growing up and slowly growing out of puppy hood

  Photo by Eugene Zaycev on Unsplash   But there are those times I think not fast enough.   There are still those moments when he acts like a puppy, few but some.   Clyde differs from our other fir kids, he’s a foster fur kid.  That means he is on loan for a short period. We are…


Minutes reads: What I learned in 10 years of retiring.

    Every day became a long continual week end.   Shopping during the day, rarely after 3-4 pm and weekends.   Volunteering because I can.   For me it meant hearing aids. And having reading glasses by the dozen. So you can place them in convenient places. One in each vehicle,  several by the…


5 ways I changed my habits to work smarter and created more time for me

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash Doing one, many, or these 5 habit changes will create more time for you to…  (fill in the blank), for me it’s write more.   1. I stopped doing what I can and started doing what I want to do.   Fearlessmotivation.com has a great article about Matthew McConaughey’s Motivational Speech and…


She said “I miss you.”

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash   Death is final, but our memories live on in time.   Death has no rewinds or do overs.   Robert’s death differed from all the other deaths of friends and family members that I have experienced.  He was my friend for 28 plus years.     How I meet Robert  …


Life Lessons: Life is not always fair – but we survive

We all want our lives to be perfect. Photo by Jonathan Hoxmark on Unsplash But the difficult parts of life help us grow and learn.   There were four times in my life that did not seem fair to me – two times they changed the rules without my input.   Two times were from a spouse, and two…